Spiders in design class | Tien Chiu's Blog
Our first assignment in design class was to take photos of contrasts: dark vs. light, circles vs. squares, near vs. far, and so on. This resulted in (among other things) these two photos: Next assignment was to take the photo and, using carbon paper, construction paper, Exacto knife and glue, create a second design (embodying the design principles we've been reading about in our text) based on components of the photo. The circles and squares was relatively simple, and produced this: The design principles I'm using here are: unity (the vaguely trapezoidal shape is repeated multiple times, and the path of the trapezoidal shapes repeats the circular forms at top left), variety (some trapezoidal shapes are marked and some are not), asymmetric balance (the big shape at right "balances" the rest of the composition due to its increased interest and distance from the other shapes) We had to come up with a title for this piece, so I titled it "Anxious Parent". The circle can