Goodbyes | Tien Chiu's Blog
She's gone. Mike and I each spent about an hour petting Sweetheart before we took her to the vet. They gave her a sedative and a painkiller, I held her in my arms, and she was very calm and relaxed when she passed. We're having her individually cremated and will be sprinkling her ashes in a friend's rose garden - I wanted to sprinkle them somewhere where she was happy (she lived with me at my friend's house for two years), and where we could come and visit from time to time. We love her and miss her terribly, but it's a relief to know that she's no longer suffering. And, as a friend said, on the whole hers was a happy cat story, certainly better than she could have expected before she met me. Born in a semi-feral cat colony, she was one of the smallest kittens, so when the food was put out (by the irresponsible neighbors hosting the cat colony as "pets" without spaying/neutering them), she got pushed away by her bigger brothers and sisters and often went hungry. After awhile,