Creative confusion | Tien Chiu's Blog
I spent part of the 12-hour flight to Berlin reading through Design Basics (David A. Lauer, Stephen Pentak). This is the textbook for the design class I'm taking, and while I haven't been able to absorb everything at once, I've found it quite enlightening and interesting to think about. I also read through Shibori by Karren Brito and Woven Shibori by Catharine Ellis. These helped point up the source of the creative confusion I've been experiencing to date. It's really just two questions, which need to be answered for any artist: What do I, as an artist, want to say? What can I say using this medium? Identifying these questions has been really useful for me. It's made me realize that, to date, most of my explorations in the fiber arts have revolved around the second question - exploring techniques, rather than expressing myself via those techniques. In part that's because any novice must explore technique before getting down to expression, but it also reflects my own