Celebrating four years of weaving! | Tien Chiu's Blog
Yes, as of yesterday I have been weaving for exactly four years...wow! What an adventure it's been. From first baby steps to wedding dress...and beyond that, doubleweave, taquete, and woven shibori! May the years following be as exciting, and as fun. I celebrated yesterday by drafting and weaving a bunch more experiments in woven shibori. I used the same basic weave that I liked last time (draft #27803 from the Handweaving.net archives). This time, however, I am experimenting with two things: (1) weaving the ties in plain weave in the areas I want to stay undyed (I noticed in my first samples that plain weave = white where ties are concerned), and (2) spacing of the ties. In the first sample, I'm using the same spacing as before (ties after every 4 threads, or about 1/8"); in the second spacing, I'm halving the number of ties (ties after every 8 threads, or about 1/5"); in the third spacing, I've cut the number of ties down to two per motif, which results in about 1/2"