Awards and artistry | Tien Chiu's Blog
Two awards and a blog post have made me start thinking about artistry. The first award is from the Blue Ridge Fiber Show, where my wedding dress won second place in the Amateur Garment division. The second award was in my design class, where our first big project was being judged, and one of my pieces "won" the teacher's award for best in class. (I got a mug as a prize.) Oddly, the second award means more to me, because it's about artistic expression, which is something I'm much more insecure about than technical competence. I know exactly how I did the wedding-dress, and while it has excellent technical quality, and is symbolic/expressive, it's not super artistic. I have always thought of myself as more of a technician, playing with techniques, and only secondarily as someone expressing things through art. I think of myself as being disciplined, not creative. Free-form stuff like tapestry and painting terrifies me. But what I'm finding in this design class is that I'm more