Toying with tapestry | Tien Chiu's Blog
Yesterday I set up my table loom for tapestry weaving. It was an interesting experience - it's been months since I set up a loom for back-to-front warping on a plain beam (normally I use my sectional beam), and I botched the winding-on badly at the beginning, so instead of a cylinder I had a cone-shaped warp. I had to wind it all off and re-beam, thankfully with better results this time. Fortunately, on a 90-thread, 3-yard warp, that took only a few moments! After weaving with 1500+ thread, 20-yard warps, it was amazingly fast. Anyway, I didn't have what is apparently standard tapestry warp (8/3 or 8/4 linen is what was recommended by the folks on Weavolution), nor did I have the recommended tapestry yarn. What to do? Well, I figured that people weave tapestry with all sorts of yarns, so it was probably just a matter of finding the right warp and the right sett. So I took out my 10/2 linen (the heaviest cotton or linen yarn I own), did my wraps per inch, and warped up at