Prepping for CNCH | Tien Chiu's Blog
I've been working hard at getting the dress forms ready for CNCH. This involves quite a bit of tedious grunge work. First you have to have someone wrap you in plaster bandage to create the mold. Then you have to remove the mold, let it dry, and then sew it back together and seal it. Then you put in mold release compound so the plaster doesn't stick as much, and pour the foam. (Which is kind of magical, by the way: you mix up this cream-colored liquid, pour what looks like a tiny bit into the mold, and a few moments later, the foam magically rises to 10x (or more!) the original volume. It's like watching a stop-action film of bread rising!) After you pour the foam, you have to remove the plaster mold. This is more complicated than it looks, since some of the plaster will stick to the form. Removing this involves a chisel, a rasp, and lots of patience. (Lots of patience.) Once the mold is removed, you have to cut a wooden base for it, mount the base, and make the