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Both coat and dress are done now. Woven, cut, sewn, hemmed, lined - DONE, DONE, DONE!!! Sharon and I broke out a bottle of champagne to celebrate last night, and then (for the last time) I took the garments home. They are carefully folded, stowed safely in garment bags, awaiting their appraisal this weekend and their Big Moment in June. Some words of thanks seem in order: First, to Sharon. Her help has been invaluable, both in fitting and in sewing the dress. The perfect fit, the flow, and more complicated sewing are her work, and she provided the guidance to me as I did the bulk of the work. Without it, I could never have completed either coat or dress a tenth as well. Second, to the handweaving community for helping me through many technical issues as I sampled, studied, and eventually learned how to weave the fabric for the dress. Without you, the fabric would have been much poorer, and the path at least twice as difficult. Third, to my mother, for teaching me