Blissfully idle | Tien Chiu's Blog
Well, not exactly idle, but it feels like it: I spent this morning studying doubleweave, then, when my head started spinning, moved on to doing another set of dye samples, and since then have been puttering around, cleaning up my studio, organizing my samples, cooking a batch of homemade baked beans, doing the laundry, and generally catching up on all the little things that I hadn't been able to get to in the last four months. While I work excellently under pressure and actually enjoy a race to the finish, it's also pleasant to be able to laze about and do whatever I feel like doing, rather than spend every waking moment working intensively on a project. And it's a good thing that I'm enjoying my idleness, because I'm stymied on a couple of fronts. It will take me several more days of study before I really understand doubleweave and how to design it. So it's not really a good idea to set up the AVL just yet. With the dyes, I'm waiting for the vials to arrive so I can swap