1st set of samples | Tien Chiu's Blog
I woke up early this morning, ran out to the dyepots, and rinsed out my samples! From left to right, they are varying grades of violet to turquoise @ 4% DOS, and then the first few stages of violet-to-magenta, also at 4%. Because the dyebath did not exhaust completely, I decided that I must have used too much dye, so for the next batch I reduced the dye to 2%. It came out considerably lighter, but the dyebath still did not exhaust. Puzzled, I revisited my calculations, and realized I'd put in roughly THIRTY times as much leveling agent as I should have! I had been putting in 8 ml where I should have put in .4 ml. That's what comes of being a math major! (At Caltech we had a rule that said the youngest non-math major had to calculate the bill whenever we went to a restaurant. The youngest got stuck with the chore, but it was generally agreed that (theoretical) math majors were so hopelessly incompetent at arithmetic that they should be exempted. And I was a math major!Â