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After writing the essay on Kubota's work, I realized that I had declared an intent to be a serious artist. By which I mean, someone who creates pieces of great beauty, power, and aesthetic, that express the Muse strongly enough to prompt the sense of awe I felt looking at Kubota's work. That seems ambitious, but without ambition, nothing would happen. I certainly think it's something worth striving for. But, if I want to be serious about art (and I do!), I'll need skills and knowledge that I don't have. My training is in science, and my professional experience is in business/organizing software projects; I don't have any background in art or art history, color theory, or any of the ancillary skills that I believe would be helpful in creating the kind of work I'm after. I can develop those skills and get that education, no problem: my problem is figuring out what to study. My education is woefully deficient in these areas - the school I went to didn't have a single class in