Busy day | Tien Chiu's Blog
Today I worked on the coat for about six hours, completing the hem and starting the understitching for the facing. The understitching consists of prick-stitching the facing to the seam allowances 1/8" away from the edge. After that is complete, I'll trim/grade the seam allowances inside the facing seam, and start putting in the lining. However, I'm feeling pretty tired, so I've set it aside for now. I may go back to it after dinner, and I may not. But I am content: I got a lot done sewing-wise, I helped Mike plant our container gardens, and I went out for a one-hour bike ride in glorious spring sunshine. I'm currently stewing up a range hen from the farmer's market - it's an older bird, so too tough to roast, but oh! does it ever have FLAVOR! And I'm making "tea eggs" - a Chinese dish which consists of hardboiled eggs with the shells cracked all over, steeped in a combination of soy sauce, tea, and star anise. The liquid's flavor penetrates the eggs, and after a few days,