Ribbon samples | Tien Chiu's Blog
I have gotten the double-happiness ribbon warp beamed, threaded, sleyed, and first samples woven: I tried it using a thick gold metallic weft, and then with four strands of the fine gold metallic weft. That packed in a little too much, producing a very short character, so I upped it to six strands and wove the left-hand sample. I wet-finished and pressed the sample at lunchtime. It's hard to make out in the photo, but of the samples, the six-strand metallic gold shows the pattern best, and is the brightest/highest-contrast of the three. That said, I think I may use the thicker gold metallic yarn, because it looks almost as good and has a much softer "hand". This is important since a too-stiff ribbon will affect the drape of the collar. I am having all sorts of technical problems with the samples, obviously, but I am working on the various causes and hope to have them fixed soon. Shaft #24 is not raising when it's supposed to raise, shaft #19 is raising when it shouldn't, and