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Just heard back from HGA - they are willing to let me send in my garment late. So now I am revisiting the question of whether to send them in at all. I am thinking that the dress might be too much of a risk, since it would need to be pulled on over someone's head. But the coat might be a lesser risk, since it's just a matter of slipping your arms into the sleeves and closing the front fastening - less chance of encountering someone else's makeup! So I may try to see whether I can finish the coat in time. Decisions, decisions...! Meanwhile, I have been a little bored in the mornings because, despite the time shift, I still wake up earlier than everyone else. So I have purchased two books on using Photoshop CS4 and will be reading through them in the mornings and in the plane on the way home. It's absolutely amazing what you can do with Photoshop using the different effects! The first book I've bought is "Photoshop CS4: The Missing Manual", which is an encyclopedic reference