A 2009 retrospective, and 2010 goals | Tien Chiu's Blog
Yes, I know it's not New Year's yet, but as it's getting close, I'm doing my New Year's retrospective a day early. Looking back on last year's New Year's post, a lot of my New Year's goals got sidetracked by the wedding: Here are the accomplishments I want for myself in 2009: Deepen my relationship with Mike. (We got engaged!) Practice compassion: either ride AIDS Lifecycle 8 in June, or else get into some kind of volunteer work, exact form TBD. (OK, didn't get around to this one.) Lose 20 pounds. (Or this one, either.) Learn more about weave structures. I can't say what exactly because I don't know what I will want to explore, but tied weaves and four-color doubleweave top the list right now. I want to put in some serious study of weave structure, more than I did last year. (Very little on this front, though I did learn a lot about setts and weaving technique instead. And I figured out how to handle profile drafts last week, which is a pretty big thing.) Get Weavolution up