Some thoughts about chocolate | Tien Chiu's Blog
I'm preparing for the annual chocolate frenzy, and am paging through the catalog of Valrhona chocolates. They have twenty or thirty separate types of chocolate, each with its own flavor and purpose. And I am thinking how silly the whole craze for 70, 80, 90% cocoa solids chocolate is. The percentage of cocoa solids says nothing about the quality of the chocolate. All it tells you, exactly and precisely, is how much sugar is in the chocolate. (For dark chocolate, anyway. Milk chocolates are a whole 'nother matter.) What cocoa solids percentage does NOT tell you is: the quality of the beans the flavor overtones of the beans the intensity of flavor the working properties of the chocolate. It's like boasting that a cheese is 50% butterfat. Great, so it's got a lot of fat in it, and it probably melts pretty nicely. But is it a Brie? a Camembert? a Blue cheese? an Edam? a cheddar? These all hover around 50% fat by weight, but they taste TOTALLY different. The same can