Halfway point | Tien Chiu's Blog
I reached the halfway point on the Eternal Warp today! 7.5 yards took me about two weeks, which is less progress than I'd like, but which I guess is OK, considering that I lost three days of prime weaving time to the broken bobbin-winder. I'm hoping to finish the remaining 7.5 yards in the next two weeks, which means I should probably stop blogging and get back to weaving! But first, I thought I'd tell you that I found the couture teacher I needed. Her name is Jane Foster, and her website is here. She was trained in couture in England, and can help walk me through the process. Best of all, she has "sewing labs" in her studio for only $40/3 hours, max 5-6 students! That's cheap enough that I can afford to have her help me throughout the construction. The only downside is that she lives in Walnut Creek, about an hour and a half's drive from me, so it will take some doing for me to get to the sewing labs, especially at rush hour (they're only held during the week). She's