A pressing problem | Tien Chiu's Blog
I called up Lillian Whipple yesterday to see what she does about broken threads before wet-finishing, and she advised me that I could probably get away with just cutting them off after wet-finishing - if the fabric is tightly-woven enough, and if it is not being washed repeatedly in a washing machine, the broken threads won't unravel. So I cut the dangly ends short (so they wouldn't tangle on each other in the washing machine), and threw the fabric into the washer, warm wash and rinse, short agitation. When it came out, I pressed it using my handy little mini-press, which was much faster than ironing. Unfortunately, there seem to be differences between the mini-press and ironing. Ironing polishes the surface of the fabric, whereas the mini-press just presses it flat. There, literally, is the rub. The press, while TONS faster, does not polish the surface of the fabric, nor does it render the fabric supple. The silk came out of the press with a matte surface and a stiff, ugly