Split attention | Tien Chiu's Blog
So much to do, so little time! I had a wonderful time at Sandra's - her DH, Mike, repaired my warp beam and made an adapter that will allow me to wind cones on my double-ended AVL bobbin winder, and Sandra and I talked a lot about weaving and interleaved network drafted threadings. She does beautiful work, some of it holographic, with interleaved threadings, and I find it extremely exciting. I must explore this! - well, AFTER the dress is complete. Sandra also showed me her electric skeinwinder - essentially, a conventional skeinwinder with a flywheel attached, driven by a sewing machine motor at the base of the device. A magnetic counter counts revolutions. I'd post a photo but I can't currently locate the gizmo that will let me plug my little portable camera's memory card into the computer. Maybe in a little bit. This is an extremely neat gadget, and one I'd like to try making sometime - but for now, the skeinwinder on my spinning wheel will work just fine. It's great,