Putting on a warp | Tien Chiu's Blog
So, yesterday Laura showed me how she puts on a warp - quickly and efficiently. I had asked her how to handle putting a painted warp onto a sectional beam. I'd never tried doing this before, thinking that you had to beam a sectional beam in sections, but it turns out that you can beam onto it just as you would a plain beam. So that's exactly what she did. First, she rough-sleyed a reed and inserted temporary lease sticks into the cross. Then, she slipped a rod through the looped ends of the warp, and tied onto the sectional beam, as you would for regular back-to-front warping. Then she threw the warp over a rod hanging from the ceiling. (Laura refers to it as a warping valet, but Kati Meek refers to it as a trapeze in her book Warp with a Trapeze and Dance with Your Loom - same thing, different names.) At this point the warp looked roughly like this: Notice the rough-sleyed reed (which is used as you would a raddle) and the lease sticks at the bottom of the warp. Here's a side