Second muslin | Tien Chiu's Blog
I was pretty stressed out today, and didn't get much done at work, but I think I'm getting over the shock. No matter how many times I get laid off, or how obviously it was coming, it's still a tremendous life change, even if it's a temporary one. It's not as bad as it was the first (or second) time, but it is taking me some time to work through it. So, after work, I dove straight into muslins to keep me busy: I made quite a few changes from muslin #1 to muslin #2. It fits a LOT better now, though there is still some bits that need to be taken in near the waist. I changed the sleeve around completely, "borrowing" a sleeve from a different dress and then altering it ruthlessly until I got what I wanted. I changed the neckline to a round scoop neckline, which doesn't work as well with the angular lines of the dress but which works much better with the coat. (The "V" neckline, unless you've got it smack dead center, looks off-kilter when viewed from under the coat.) I think I