Chocolate, cycling, and Weavolution | Tien Chiu's Blog
I have been warming up for this year's chocolate frenzy by reading through my blog posts on chocolate from last year, which start roughly around October 15 and go on for two weeks straight. If you are curious, start here and read for the next two weeks. (There's a little bit pre-October 15 - mostly about making custom chocolate molds - but that's where the bulk of them start.) Reading through them, I can only conclude that I must have been insane at the time. ALL that effort? Two weeks of inhaling nonstop chocolate fumes? It's amazing I didn't get hauled in for drug abuse or something. Which leaves me wondering just where I am for attempting 120 (!) boxes of chocolate this year. But what the heck, it's an adventure, and I like adventure. And I'll have help, so it's not as bad as it could be. Still, a big challenge. I can see that the month of November is cut out for me. Prepping for the big chocolate "push", I have ordered: 90 lbs of Valrhona chocolate, which (together