Bought the AVL! | Tien Chiu's Blog
Went down to see the AVL 24-shaft, 24" Workshop Dobby Loom today and liked it so much I bought it on the spot. It's a beautifully engineered machine - elegant in design and very functional. I could rhapsodize on and on about all the interesting features, like the sandpaper beam, but I think I'll wait for that until I actually have the critter in hand and can investigate them more thoroughly. Meanwhile, if you're curious, you can check out AVL's product page on the WDL. Mike and I are going to pick it up on Wednesday evening (Monday and Tuesday are already booked), at which point it will likely sit in the living room until I can sell Lady Di (thus making enough room to set up the WDL). I plan to post her for sale on Thursday or Friday - after I figure out what of her equipment can be used with the AVL. So if you know anyone in the Bay Area who might be interested in a 16-shaft, 24" computer-driven loom with second back beam and extra reeds for about $2000, please let me know. I'm