Requiem for a truck | Tien Chiu's Blog
So, Esmeralda got totaled yesterday in a four-car pileup caused by a $*&! idiot who decided to pull out from STOPPED TRAFFIC in the exit lane directly into traffic that must have been moving at 30-40+ mph. The car that was about to hit the idiot tried to dodge into the second lane over, hit another car, sent that car spinning into the 3rd lane (where I was), where a third car slammed on its brakes and hit the spinning car. I slammed on my brakes but nonetheless hit the third car. It looks like the transmission got pushed back against the body, there was radiator fluid and oil dripping, and I think it can be safely said that my poor darling is DOA. The idiot, needless to say, went on driving happily down the freeway, leaving the carnage behind. The good news is that everyone walked away from the accident, except for one woman who was taken away on a stretcher (but I saw her standing around talking to the cops after the accident, so I think that was purely precautionary). I