Socks | Tien Chiu's Blog
So, I spent three hours yesterday looking through the free sock patterns on knittingpatterncentral.com. And printing out bunches of them. (I am not distractable, no indeedy.) Then I spent an hour or so going through my "orphan" balls of yarn. I finally settled on four different sock patterns and four kinds of yarn, which I think will produce a most delightful set of socks. I plan to use wooden needles and smuggle them through airport security if necessary; 5" bamboo needles are just right for sticking in a pocket, and they don't show up on metal detectors. (They're also about as dangerous as a ball-point pen. Stop! Hold it right there or I shall stab you with my pen!) I will probably bring a book as backup, though, and perhaps a kumihimo disk or two. (Not terrified of boredom. Really.) Some of these "orphan" yarns aren't stretchy (the silk/cashmere and the 100% handspun silk for one) so I will have to add elastic on the inside, after knitting (thread a thin thread of elastic