Weaving and spinning | Tien Chiu's Blog
I finished my red-and-black checkerboard shawl, and am twisting the fringe! It's closer to fuschia than black, but it came out as well as I could ask for. I wove it in a 2/2 twill so the red-and-black parts are twill diagonals, which looks more interesting than over-and-under plainweave. I've just finished beaming on the warp for my next project, which will be a silver-and-black advancing twill in a complex snowflake pattern. I'm using a 55/45 silk/cashmere blend from Colourmart, which has great deals on cashmere and silk weaving yarns. (Okay, they mostly sell to machine knitters, but I like it for weaving.) I start threading today - fortunately I have only a short ride today, which leaves room for weaving! I have also started spinning some sock yarn, with a 75/25 wool/silk blend from The Silkworker. I haven't spun anything in ages, but her stuff is so luscious that I couldn't resist ordering some. I'm mostly working on it in the mornings, before Mike is awake (I can't weave