Heading home; thoughts on Ghana | Tien Chiu's Blog
So, this is it. I'm going home tonight. What have I learned from my trip? Quite a lot about fiber arts, for one, but also a bit about Ghanaians. My experience has been that Ghanaians are quite friendly and welcoming "" even someone passing by is likely to call out "You're welcome!" (meaning, you are welcome) or "Good morning!" in a way you totally would not expect in the Western world. They also seemed genuinely interested in helping me get where I wanted to go, and making sure the obruni didn't get lost. I really enjoyed my trip, although I'm glad to be going home. I learned that Ghanaian infrastructure is sometimes lacking "" the scheduled blackouts every five days were irritating, as were the unscheduled ones at all hours of the day. I saw thatched mud huts, tame crocodiles, gorgeous weaving, brass-casting, and all kinds of textile crafts. I rode in cramped, hot, airless tro-tros and air-conditioned long-haul buses. I ate nutria rat (tastes like goat) and smoked rat