Spreadsheets for weaving | Tien Chiu's Blog
Poured the first set of chocolate molds last night. I'd forgotten how thoroughly tricky they are to get right; I nearly ruined the first batch by letting them sit too long. I'm not sure how effectively I managed to save them, but I guess I'll find out this weekend. I'm doing another batch of molds tonight, hopefully these will go better.Mike, electromechanical genius that he is, has successfully wired up my little temperature controller to an electrical outlet, so I will soon be able to use it for dyeing and for maintaining the temperature of, say, a bowl of melted chocolate. (In the latter case, you put the bowl in a larger bowl filled with water, and keep the water warm. You don't stick the probe in the melted chocolate, for obvious reasons...)I have also done all the warp and weft calculations for my fifth project, which is going to be a complex floral pattern in fine silk and cashmere thread - considerably finer than I've tried before. The entire 19x72" shawl will weigh only about