Some thoughts about fudge, and lemon-lavender-white-chocolate fudge recipe | Tien Chiu's Blog
I'm feeling smug today...not only have I found a way to accelerate the fudge-making process, but I've also managed to solve one of my thorny white-chocolate fudge problems.So far I've made lavender-lemon-white chocolate fudge, and coconut-lime-mint-white chocolate fudge (which tastes better than it probably sounds - think coconut-vanilla with a hint of tart mintiness). In previous years I had terrible trouble with the milk solids in the white chocolate burning - this year I finally had a bright idea and thought, "What if I add the milk chocolate at the end?"Fudge, you see, is a game of sugar-crystal size. In its simplest form it's just sugar, water, butter, and some corn syrup, boiled to the softball stage, cooled to 110 degrees, then beaten to form lots of small sugar crystals simultaneously, resulting in a velvety and somewhat soft texture. (If you don't create all those sugar crystals simultaneously, you get big crystals, and then your fudge is grainy.)You can add stuff to fudge,