Score!! | Tien Chiu's Blog
I found black walnuts at the farmer's market today, still in their husks!So I will be dyeing the brown silk with black walnut hulls, not coffee. I'm psyched--I had wanted to play with black walnut dye again, but couldn't find a source of hulls. (The seller looked at me rather strangely when I explained that I wasn't interested in the nuts but in the hulls, but let it pass.) I've got them boiling on the stove now to extract the dye, and the silk soaking in preparation for the dyebath.I've woven 5/7 of the scarf. It looks okay, but I'm having problems with long floats on the back that look pretty unattractive - I'm trying to pay more attention to my weaving, so I can catch them before they're a problem. The current plan is to weave on the scarf until I finish it, and then, while the other skein is dyeing and drying, make fudge, dip the caramels, etc.I may not be able to go riding this week on account of a proto-saddle-sore that I'm worried about, so I should have plenty of time for all