Photo of shawl | Tien Chiu's Blog
I've decided I like the rainbow effect after all (the red is redder in the actual shawl, by the way, not magenta-ish as it appears in the photo). It's nothing to write paeans about, but it's a nicely woven shawl and not at all bad for beginner's work. I'm pleased.Last night I got impatient with the tea-dyed skeins, which were taking longer to dry than I'd like, so I stuck them in the oven with the temperature set to 120 degrees and a chopstick keeping the door slightly ajar. It worked perfectly, and I now have four skeins of evenly-dyed silk yarn that are, amazingly, exactly the same hue despite my not having dyed them all at once. I is im-pressed.Now it's a matter of winding all four skeins into balls and starting to wind the warp. This will probably take awhile, but not nearly as long as for the rainbow shawl...the shawl is going to be only about half as wide and the sett is much larger (16 vs 24 ends per inch), so it should go relatively quickly. Ditto the threading. Instead of 605