More weaving | Tien Chiu's Blog
Well, I've warped up the loom and corrected some threading errors, and got started weaving yesterday. I've made rapid progress - wove almost eighteen inches last night - and expect to finish the first scarf this weekend. (I'd probably finish both of them, except that I have to make two batches of chocolate-covered caramels and a couple batches of fudge, plus go out on a long bike ride.) So far I like it - it's a nice pale beige mixed with white - and while I'm still making some errors in weaving, I've improved a lot in just one project.This is sett a lot more loosely than the other project I did, so any differences in beating really show up - fortunately, I seem to be doing OK with it so far. It's fascinating seeing the differences between plainweave and twill, and the difference between 100% silk and a 50-50 mix with wool. I can't wait to wash it and see how it turns out. Right now it looks a little stiff, but silk is so supple that I doubt it'll be like that once it comes off the