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After talking with Ellie of Aba Tours, I now have a tentative itinerary:Saturday, Jan 27 - Arrive in GhanaJan 27 - Feb 1: Stay in Aba House (in Accra, the capital) and study goldsmithing/silversmithing, basketweaving, and beadmaking with local artisansFeb 2-6: Go live in a weaving village in the Volta region while studying at a Kente weaving schoolFeb 6-10: Go live in an Ashanti weaving village while studying handspinning, adinkra, and Ashanti weavingFeb 10-16: Visit northern Ghana, study indigo dyeing (tied-resist, dipped in indigo)Feb 16-18: Back in Accra, spend more time with local artisans, visit the central market and shop for craftworkThis sounds like it will be loads of fun, although a bit more time-constrained than I'd like. Three weeks is no way to see a country...a month would be better.Other stuff I plan to do while in Ghana:visit a cacao plantation (yeah, I've been to cacao plantations in Belize and in Hawaii, but Ghana's main export is cacao, and I hear they have good