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Just came home from the farmer's market, where I bought an assortment of interesting truffle possibilities and raided Recchiuti Chocolates for ideas. I've now got it down to a choice of:caramelcinnamongingerpeanut buttercoffeelemon verbenarosemarytruffle (the fungus) muscat graperum raisinrose (geranium)jasmine teaarmagnacMacAllan 12 scotchorangefig and goat cheesechestnuthoney (using unsweetened chocolate, and adding honey for the sugar)Of these 18, I'll pick out 8-9 and use them in chocolates. I may also combine some flavors, e.g. ginger-muscat grape sounds like it would be yummily complementary. Some are purely experimental (fig and goat cheese) and because of those I'll probably actually make an extra flavor or two - sometimes experiments work, and sometimes they don't.It's always hard to choose the final flavors - it usually boils down to a choice between the safe and familiar (the ones I do every year) and trying something new. I usually do about half and half, and keep the