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Heard back from Ellie, the woman behind Aba Tours, and it looks like I *will* get a chance to study all sorts of things:batikbasketweavinggoldsmithingbeadmakingAshanti weavingEwe weavingand possibly indigo dyeing, up in northern Ghana.I also got my second round of shots today - rabies #2, hepatitis B #2, and meningococcal (meningitis). Two weeks from now I get rabies #3, hep B #3, hep A #2, and polio. That leaves me free to take the typhoid vaccine the week after that. Whee! Is there anything left to vaccinate against?The chocolate-macadamia nut fudge, by the way, came out just fine. It just needed a day or two to settle and for the cocoa butter to crystallize. It's excellent. (And this is from a woman who doesn't even like (most) chocolate fudge.) So now I have:chocolate-covered dried apricotschocolate-covered dried plumschocolate-covered dried pearschocolate-covered macadamia nuts (a few)cherry-almond clusters (a few)chocolate-macadamia nut fudgewhite chocolate-coconut-mint-lime