Misc post-chocolate stuff | Tien Chiu's Blog
Well, I packed up and shipped out 23 boxes of chocolates today, to friends, family, and AIDS Lifecycle sponsors. The house is still festooned in chocolate, but I've been scrubbing away at it in spare moments, and it seems to be getting slowly cleaner. I'm still considering hiring a cleaner to help me tackle the rest of the mess. The apartment hasn't been properly cleaned since I moved in, and I'm usually too focused on various projects to organize it properly.I've also started winding the warp for my next weaving project, a cashmere/silk shawl in five-colored silk warp and black cashmere. Complex floral pattern, very fine threads - 7500 yards per pound (about double the weight of sewing thread). It's very slow going since the threads are fine and tangle-prone, but I hope the finished result is worthwhile. I'm using this project to see if I like working with fine threads.I have also purchased my ticket to Ghana, using "points" from one of my credit cards. Not a bad deal - the card paid