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I had a moderately frustrating day today - I tried simmering the silk with the black walnut hulls, but even after adding some alum to the dyebath, the best I could get was a cafe-au-lait brown, where I'd been looking for a dark brown. I'd forgotten that silk takes dyes differently - wool would have been dark brown, dammit, but what I had was a medium tan. I finally gave up and dyed it with acid dyes, resulting in a lovely rust brown. Unfortunately, I still haven't figured out the art of 100% even dyeing yet, so there are paler spots where the yarn bunched up against the ties in the skein, but it's done, and tomorrow morning it should be dry enough to start winding into balls and onto bobbins. In short, I can start the second scarf tomorrow.Oh yes. I finished weaving the first scarf, tied the fringes, and threw it into the laundry. I decided to run it through the washing machine on the delicate cycle, and then dry it flat afterwards - interested in seeing how it comes out. I do think