It's down to the truffles… | Tien Chiu's Blog
Finished seven flavors of molded chocolates today:caramel-cinnamonmuscat grape-gingerArmagnacMacAllan 12 whiskycaramelized bananajasmine tearose geranium-honeyI have two flavors left to make up as truffles tomorrow:rum raisin (raisins soaked in dark rum)goat cheese and honey (surprisingly, it works!)I'm sad to say that the truffle truffles didn't work out - there wasn't enough truffle flavor, it got overwhelmed by the chocolate. Next year I'll try them again, and double or triple the amount of truffle I use. I've done it successfully in the past, and they're quite good.I'm very pleased with how the molded chocolates are coming along - they're releasing cleanly, and look very good outside of some problems with air bubbles. The air bubbles don't perturb me because they're more or less inevitable if you don't have a special vibrating belt to shake out the air bubbles. By and large, the molded chocolates are looking very, very good, especially compared to last year when I had to discard