Impatience | Tien Chiu's Blog
I couldn't sleep last night (the result of eating chocolate while making my chocolates - Valrhona packs quite a theobromine kick), so I got up at 3am and spent some time looking at scarf and shawl patterns. I decided I wanted to do one with natural-looking colors (after the riot of color in the last shawl, my eyes need a rest!), and with a subtle pattern, so I decided to do a complex pattern in beige and white, in silk.However, I wasn't at all confident in my ability to dye an even beige color using acid dyes - I've never tried pastels before - and was thinking about how to handle this when I realized that tea produces a lovely reddish-beige. Aha! So I ran off to the grocery store as soon as it got light out and bought myself a package of teabags.And it worked! I boiled the entire package of teabags in two or three gallons of water, and threw in the silk. The dye "took" more or less instantly, producing a beautiful beige that is now drying on the back of a chair. After dyeing the first