Definitely going to Ghana | Tien Chiu's Blog
Ghana it is! Thanks to Linda, who suggested looking up Weave a Real Peace - I went to their website, devoured the many pages on textile travels, and decided to go to Ghana. (Peru also sounded tempting, but I really had my heart set on Africa.) A big factor in my decision was Aba Tours - they specialize in setting up cultural trips to Ghana.There are a lot of handicrafts in Ghana that sound interesting - basketweaving, kente cloth weaving, adinkra (cloth stamped using carved pieces of gourd), indigo dyeing, goldsmithing, etc. I'll probably base my tour out of Accra (the capital of Ghana), where the Cross Cultural Collaborative is located - they have a lot of artisans there, so it's a good place to start.Then I'll go out to the villages - apparently a lot of their artisans are from the villages originally, and Ellie (the woman who runs Aba Tours) thinks she can get some of the artisans to take me to their home villages and teach me there. That sounds wonderful--I'd get my lessons, AND