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So, I picked up three books by Peggy Osterkamp while I was at Carolina Homespun yesterday, and have been avidly reading through the first one. She explains weaving one step at a time, with fairly encyclopedic knowledge of each step. The best part about the first book is that it contains a detailed treatise on calculating yarn sett! Never again will I have trouble working out the proper sett. She even has some handy tables in the back of the book.Peggy also has a VERY detailed set of instructions for project planning, including a handy worksheet for warp and weft calculations. Me being me, of course, I've already turned this into an Excel spreadsheet. :-)So I've been using this spreadsheet to run some numbers, and it appears I can make a rather nice scarf 7" wide and 6 feet long out of the 432 yards of handspun magenta/purple silk that my sister-in-law gave me. I'm going to do it in a houndstooth/pinwheel design along with some black silk yarn that I still need to dye - the black should