A couple of screw-ups | Tien Chiu's Blog
So, I went to cut the caramels for dipping, only to discover that I'd slightly overcooked them, so they were too hard to cut. I'll need to make a second batch. I'm debating whether to buy a new box of Peet's Yin Hao Jasmine for the occasion...haven't decided yet. I am slightly cranky over having to go back down to the Peninsula for manufacturing cream, but I haven't yet found a cream better than the one the Milk Pail Market has, so I'll be battling rush hour tomorrow to get some.I also suspect that the last batch of chocolate fudge got undercooked--it's very soft, and despite being extremely chocolatey is also too soft to cut properly. I'm giving it tonight to harden, but it may need to be chalked up to experience (and microwaved and eaten as hot-fudge-with-macadamia-nuts over vanilla Ben & Jerry's - there are upsides to making "mistakes"!). I think I probably just didn't cook it quite long enough. Next time it goes to just short of firm-ball.All that said, I have three batches of