Warped! | Tien Chiu's Blog
By ignoring the housework, shortening my training ride, and not bothering to eat, I got my warping finished today. The loom is now dressed and ready to weave...all that's left is to wind the bobbins, load the shuttle, and...start weaving!I did break two warp threads in the orange, but am hoping that's not too bad...I tied the ends together to join them temporarily, I figure I'll fix the thread as I come to it.Whew! I'm exhausted. Warping the loom took something like nine hours, most of it spent on my knees threading the loom. Painstaking, concentrated attention--not unpleasant (except for my knees), but definitely took lots of mental focus.Now I think I'll go eat, fold clean laundry, take the trash out, do the dishes, and all the other stuff I've been neglecting.THEN I'll come back and start weaving. :-)