Fully prepped proposal | Tien Chiu's Blog
Okay. I have calmed down a little (not much) after spending the afternoon putting the final touches on the proposal. Photos printed, mounted, neatly labeled, placed in the same folder as the proposal, which has been gone over twice at least. Printed on nice quality paper with the printer at the highest quality setting (not that it should make much difference for text, but you never know), carefully arranged just so, put into a folder, ready to mail.I feel much like the instant, in a Weapons fight, before one makes the first move.The gibbering fear has vanished, replaced by a calm certainty that yes, this is what I am going to do. No matter what happens.Now that my proposal is going out to agents, I need to shore up my support with AIDS Lifecycle. Which means it's time to reach out to the director of AIDS Lifecycle, and finally ask the question: will they support me in this project? I have been putting off the answer to this for a very long time, not wanting to be shattered by a "no",