Dyeing yarn | Tien Chiu's Blog
Well, let's see.I have now abandoned the idea of "let's do a moderately beginner-type project" and have launched into doing the project I really wanted to do, woven at a 24-epi sett in a 2/14 silk/wool yarn. (If you don't have my newly-acquired jargon, that translates to "laceweight".) At Custom Handweavers yesterday, I found out that they didn't have Jaggerspun Zephyr in the colors specified in the pattern, but they DID have a one-pound cone of white Zephyr.Oh.Yep, that meant only one thing: buy the 1-lb cone and DYE it! So I have spent a good chunk of today (in between making dinner, doing the laundry, adoring the cats, reading back issues of Handwoven, and all the other stuff that has to get done on weekends) skeining up the yarn, selecting colors, and dyeing the yarn. I'm just about done now--only two skeins left to go.True to my roots, I decided on a rainbow shawl. (I was in the "tie-dye" house at Caltech--does it still show? LOL) But I deliberately chose a muted rainbow for this