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I have been looking through the Dharma Trading Co catalog and am a little overwhelmed. So far the options for playing with fabric include:marblingsilk-screeninginkjet photo transfers/fabricstampingbatiksilk paintingtie-dyeingshibori (a subset of tie-dyeing)and that's just the start of it! Handspinning and knitting (with which I was getting emphatically bored) are just the tip of the iceberg.I think this weekend, with my mom, I'll tackle marbling, dyeing, and stamping, plus some flat pattern drafting and crazy-quilting. I think she'd enjoy any and all of that, and it is kind of magical watching the patterns appear. I have the materials for everything except stamping, and I think I can pick those up pretty cheaply at Jo-Ann's Fabrics on the way home tonight.There are moments when life is so shiningly brilliant that I want to roll in it like an overenthusiastic dog...I go through phases of being relatively uncreative, and then there are times when life just explodes with possibility.I'm