Heard back from my writing coach again… | Tien Chiu's Blog
He basically likes my outline--he suggested several ways to clean it up, which I will probably implement. I'm going to take his edits home and think about them some, but I think the outline is basically done. I'll try to polish it off tonight and then start looking at the rest of the proposal. I've been dreading starting in on the rest of it since it's all stuff I'm unfamiliar with and feel inadequate to writing, but with the outline nearly done I have no excuse for not working on it. :-)Searched through my fabric-paint stash this morning and discovered that I have basically everything needed for marbling except some orange paint, which I have ordered from Dharma Trading Co. I'm not sure whether I'll do marbling with my mom, though, as she says she's not thrilled with the designs that marbling produces, so I imagine she isn't thrilled with the idea of marbling, either. We may go shopping at Britex Fabrics instead, looking for a trim that matches the champagne/gold silk I've been trying