A triumph of sorts | Tien Chiu's Blog
Got up this morning and was going to work on the quilt, but something didn't feel quite right...it just wasn't a Sunday morning without sitting down and working on the book! So I sat down and wrote about a page worth of Day One...I've gotten in the HABIT of writing! Quite a difference from having to force myself to sit down and try typing. I'm thrilled. Definitely in the swing of things.I have altered a pattern slightly to sit further down the hips than usual--I'm hoping adding 2" to the back will be enough to keep skin from showing--and have gotten to work on the crazy-quilt top. So far I've done the center panel, and I think it will be FANTASTIC. I'm using all kinds of fabrics, from plain-Jane quilting cottons to elaborate metallic brocades, in shades from yellow to orange to red, in pieces about 3"x4". I plan to decorate the seams either with fancy stitching or with strings of sequins, ribbon, etc. I bought 50 yards of silk ribbon from Dharma Trading Co and will try dyeing it in