Thoughts on writing | Tien Chiu's Blog
As I reflect back on this task of writing the book, a couple things are coming clearer to me:First, you cannot learn to write by reading books; or rather, you can, but in the end it's the practice of writing that teaches you""looking at what works and what doesn't, trying new things, throwing away much of the work as it evolves.It's intensely frustrating to me because there are no shortcuts""I'm used to reading up on stuff, learning the rules, and then rapidly coming up to speed. Here I have to learn as I work, and it's a slow process. I get frustrated with my own inability.Second, as I write and learn, much of the previous work becomes outdated. I'd like to think that this is just a temporary phenomenon, but according to Annie Dillard, it's not. Writing evolves and you have to be willing to let it evolve, redo, rework as it happens. This is also intensely frustrating because I'm used to fiber arts, where you plan out a work, let it evolve a bit, but you never have to go back over and