Temptation. | Tien Chiu's Blog
Bloody creative mind.I seem to have latched onto the idea of fabric embellishment for my AIDS Lifecycle costumes. So many possibilities! I could do a crazy-quilt, embroider with ribbon, bead, use multicolored yarns...I could dye my own fabrics, make a fused fabric from silk or angelina sparklies, explore shibori, try kumihomo again......You'll note that none of these have anything to do with writing. I should never have gone to that fiber festival!Well, I've ordered some 4" squares from a quilting shop, and some silk swatches from an online store. I am sternly trying to resist the urge to order some on-sale burnout silk velvet, silk jacquards, etc.--I have GOT to write this proposal!Bloody creative mind.(To answer Cat's question: the spindle I just bought is a Bosworth Maxi, which is nonetheless extremely light and extremely fast. Spins as fast as I can draft a lightweight yarn...I *really* like the Bosworths. The only thing nicer than a Bosworth is a Golding spindle...if you can find